Investment & New Technology

Investment in people, machinery, knowledge and systems is a key part of our strategic planning.

Investment in people: we are always looking to attract, train and reward talented individuals to our team – whether they be senior managers or machine operators. If you are keen to join our team contact us.
We also have ongoing contracts for specialist “in-house” consultancy advice from formulation chemists, IT programmers and designers.

Investment in plant: a significant percentage of the company’s revenue is directed back into capital investment necessary to turn innovative thinking into commercial products. We regularly update our manufacturing equipment with more efficient technology and have an active acquisition strategy alongside this planned investment programme. Our news items often have details.

Investment in systems: we are committed to the ongoing development of our IT systems and infrastructure. We know that efficient transaction processing and relevant, reliable management information have been, and will be, key to our continuing success.

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Make an enquiry

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