Techtex wipes are available in a variety of packaging formats enabling user choice and fit for purpose functionality.

Tubs – Our tubs are available in two sizes: 1 litre and 2 litre. Suitable for use with most wipes materials and chemical formulas they are sealed airtight with a polythene tamper seal. Tubs are available to store from 50 to 200 Wipes.

Buckets – Available in three sizes: 10 litre, 6 litre and 3 litre and can be used to dispense larger thicker wipes. They are rigid, durable and have a carry handle. Capable of holding large numbers of wipes, buckets are cost-effective and suited to high use applications. Buckets are available to store from 150 to 1500 Wipes.

Flow wrap – Packs are available in a wide range of sizes capable of holding between 40 and 200 wipes. Made from strong laminate with a semi-rigid, wipe-clean closure. They are flexible yet durable and are easy to carry around. Flow wrap packs are an economical way to dispense wipes creating low volumes of waste after use.

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