Cleanroom Wipes

At Techtex, we have a number of products specifically designed and approved for cleanrooms.

Our product range includes Class 150 5-8 compatible cleanroom wipes, made from durable lint-free materials. The wipes are extremely durable and highly absorbent and an ideal cleanroom staple. We also offer compatible wet wipe pouches and low lint cleanroom wipes, which too are made from lint-free materials, are durable and absorbent.

Our cleanroom suites are accredited to ISO 14644-1 class 5 and class 6 and our systems ensure that the demanding standards of our customers are met at all times. Our products are sold through specialist distributors in the UK, Europe and the USA for use in operating theatres, research laboratories and high tech manufacturing environments.

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Product Types

We can supply sterile or non-sterile wipes, typically in vacuum-sealed cleanroom bags to ensure the highest level of protection against contamination during transport.

Class 150 5-8 compatible cleanroom wipes Class 150 5-8 compatible wet wiper pouches Low lint cleanroom wipers

Made from clean, durable lint free materials, extremely durable and highly absorbent.

Do you require Private Label?

Our service is fast and efficient. Techtex will be able to assist in the creation of artwork, packaging designs or graphics that are ideally suited to wipes products. For more information please call 0161 643 3000 or email