Techtex is committed to sustaining natural, social and economic resources.

Natural resources – practical steps

We take many practical and commercial steps to ensure the environmental impact of our activities are sustainable. Just a few examples are:

  • In-house audit of energy use to reduce costs and usage.
  • UK sourcing of raw materials wherever possible to reduce transportation impact.
  • Recycling of paper / board packaging and pallets.
  • Quote ex-works pricing so customers can “back-fill” vehicles delivering their products in the area.

As a responsible manufacturer, we comply with all relevant legislation including:

  • BS EN ISO 14001.
  • The EU Biocide Directive.
  • General Industry Charge for Biocidal Products.
  • Packaging Waste Regulations (1997).

Natural resources – product development

Techtex has a long history of developing of more environmentally friendly products such as Infiltra® NF130G and Clinitex® Pure. Our ongoing research and development programme includes the design of two mass market wipes (dry and impregnated) which are made from 100% sustainable fabrics, liquids and packaging.

Social resources

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Our employment practices are framed by our legal obligations but guided by a desire to be fair and generous. We are members of the prestigious Sedex employers’ association which sets the highest voluntary standards for employment practices and conditions. We share in our success by rewarding all of our staff with generous bonuses. In the wider community we regularly donate to and support local charities and care homes.

Economic resources

Techtex is a privately owned business with a corporate mentality. The shareholders have always put the long term future of the company first and we believe that is one of the factors in our success story. That long term view drives our approach to investment, profit retention, staff  recruitment and rewards, customer care, supplier loyalty and many other aspects of our daily decision making.